Our List of Games

Equipment will be updated as it arrives or is rotated.

Video Games

  • Megatouch Force
  • Donkey Kong cocktail dedicated
  • Popeye cocktail dedicated
  • Playchoice 10 dedicated countertop (yes, a countertop!)
  • Mappy dedicated
  • Q*Bert’s Qubes dedicated
  • Demolish Fist
  • Missile Command dedicated
  • Pac-Man dedicated
  • Time Pilot dedicated
  • Roc ‘N Rope dedicated
  • Vs. Nintendo dedicated “red tent” with Vs. Super Mario Bros./ Vs. Mighty Bomb Jack
  • Terminator 2 dedicated
  • Lethal Enforcers 2 dedicated
  • Dragon’s Lair dedicated (laserdisc player, not computer)
  • Raiden Fighters Jet
  • Puzzle De Pon
  • Die Hard Arcade dedicated
  • Area 51/Maximum Force combo
  • In The Groove 2 (Challenge Arcade Style:)
  • Crime Patrol 2 by American Laser Games (laserdisc player, not computer)
  • Simpsons Bowling
  • Wing Shooter by Sammy hunting game
  • Mortal Kombat 3
  • Donkey Kong dedicated upright
  • Deco Burgertime
  • Frogger
  • Baby Pac-man prototype


  • NFL stickers
  • Marvel Super Hero stickers
  • NFL helmets
  • Very collectible Bok Choy Boys Series 3
  • Doughnut mix and more
  • Sports cards (trivia video game card dispenser)
  • Pinball bouncy ball machine
  • Foosball bouncy ball machine

Other offerings

  • Small plush crane
  • Large plush crane
  • Message chair
  • Black light air hockey
  • Sports Arena keychain machine

Coming Soon

Pacland, Pengo

Gameplay action from our former location in Reading, Pennsylvania

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