Our List of Games

Equipment currently limited to half capacity and spaced to promote compliance with CDC physical spacing guidelines for the pandemic.  Equipment will be updated as it arrives or is rotated.

Video Games

  • Megatouch Force
  • Donkey Kong cocktail dedicated
  • Popeye cocktail dedicated
  • Playchoice 10 dedicated countertop (yes, a countertop!)
  • Mappy dedicated
  • Q*Bert dedicated
  • Mr. Do! dedicated
  • Missile Command dedicated
  • Ms. Pac-Man dedicated
  • Pac-Man dedicated
  • Time Pilot dedicated
  • Roc ‘N Rope dedicated
  • Vs. Nintendo dedicated “red tent” with Vs. Super Mario Bros./ Vs. Mighty Bomb Jack
  • Pole Position Irish mini dedicated
  • Lethal Enforcers 2 dedicated
  • Dragon’s Lair dedicated (laserdisc player, not computer)
  • Raiden Fighters Jet
  • Puzzle Bobble 4
  • Die Hard Arcade dedicated
  • Area 51/Maximum Force combo
  • In The Groove 2 (Challenge Arcade Style:)
  • Mad Dog McCree by American Laser Games (laserdisc player, not computer)
  • Simpsons Bowling
  • Wing Shooter by Sammy hunting game


  • NFL stickers
  • Marvel Super Hero stickers
  • NFL helmets
  • Very collectible Bok Choy Boys Series 3
  • “Squishy” Mix and more
  • Sports cards (trivia video game card dispenser)
  • Pinball bouncy ball machine
  • Foosball bouncy ball machine

Other offerings

  • Small plush crane
  • Large plush crane
  • Message chair
  • Black light air hockey
  • Sports Arena keychain machine

Coming Soon

Baby Pac-Man prototype

Gameplay action from our former location in Reading, Pennsylvania

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